Monday, July 22, 2013

Atlanta Legacy Showcase 2013

 Spent this past weekend with one of my Grand Daughters by taking her to Woodstock, GA north of Atlanta, GA. to show her off.
 This is a cute little tourist town north of Atlanta not too far from I-75.  I know many travel the route to Florida.  This little town would make a nice relaxing stop.  Wished we had more time to check it out.  These are some quick road shots.

Grand Daughter played 5 games in 48 hours @ the Twin Creek Complex where they have 5 fields.  
We heard that 130 teams were represented.  By the looks of the numbers at this one park, I didn't believe that.  Then I checked out the website and found that games happened at other parks as well.

Last games, saying good-bye before hitting the road as this was the last game of the season for most teams.

Meanwhile, Grand Daughter did a great job, as usual.  
of course...she's my Grand Daughter.  So proud of her.

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  1. So nice you can be with her and share the fun too. Looks like some great shots, especially the last one, awesome action! ~Diane


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