Thursday, August 23, 2012


Spent about an hour at the KY State Fair Tuesday, tripped and fell.  Had to use a sling and needless to say had to put the camera away after it survived a big bashing sling to the ground.  Thank goodness the camera was in its bag.  Today, I found out my upper arm is broken (my first broken bone ever) but aligned, and going to see if it goes back together without cast.  Using the good ole triangle sling because Dr. wants me to move it to keep the 10 year old frozen shoulder from freezing more. 

So picture taking and blogging are on a slow down for now.  No telling what I would post while on meds!


  1. Looks like you didn't do so hot! So, if you look like that, what does "the other guy" look like, lol! Hope you're up and about soon! Take care of yourself!!

  2. Wow, sorry about your arm! Ironic how something as simple as tripping can break a bone. Somehow I've managed to make it this long without ever breaking a bone (knock on wood). I hope it heals quickly without a cast or complications.


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