Monday, February 20, 2012

Where do You Store Garbage Bags?

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  1. Believe it or not, I have actually done the same as you and left the new bags in the bottom of the bin - it makes complete sense doesn't it. At the moment we have a small bin inside a cupboard door and I just reuse supermarket bags.
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  2. I totally do the same thing!
    coming to say hi!

  3. Stopping by from Momnivore's Dilemma :)

    We used to store them in the bottom - a trick I learned by watching the efficient custodian's in my office building years ago. But, we had a bag leak and all the bags in the bottom were sullied.

    Instead, we store them above the stove...
    In the upper cabinets where were have lots of empty space!

    Which reminds me, we need kitchen bags! LOL
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    ~ Dana
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  4. Hi Dana, I visited your site and became your latest follower. I tried to leave a comment but the blue bar wouldn't work for me. I'm gonna gain weight just by looking at your beautiful yummy blog.

    As far as the bag leaking, I try (not always as in the picture) to buy bags on a roll & take the roll out of the box. Easy to clean off if it does get soiled.

  5. My hubby says they do it your way at the fire station. Great idea! I have a shelf just above my garbage can where the extra bags are... if I didn't have that shelf I'd do it your way for sure! Gonna go follow you so I don't miss any more tips! jules

  6. Ha! What a great idea!

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    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Great idea! I will have to tell the hubby about this one.

  8. You've got a wonderful blog this tip! I following you through GFC and (I prefer bloglovin over linky followers). I'd love for you to visit my blog sometime. I hope you have a wonderful, to get my trash can liners so I can quit storing them under the sink and in the bottom of the trash can! :D


  9. I used to do this but I hated ruining the new bags if the one in use leaked through, or if a new bag wasn't replaced and something got put on top of the new bags without looking. I'm glad that it works for you though!

    1. Wondering if putting the new box in a bag itself would help keep from getting soiled from the garbage. Yes, a pet peeve of mine is when a bag isn't put back in place and the especially when I'm the one that dumps something into it before realizing a bag wasn't replaced.

  10. I do the same things with my little non holey plastic bags. They line all the small garbage cans throughout my house. My larger ones I keep 1-3 thrown in the bottom so there is no excuse not to change it. I've got to try putting the entire box in the bottom.

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  11. You know, when I was cleaning at school, we used to do the same thing. I really need to get smart and do it here at home. Thanks for the reminder.:)

  12. This is a fabulous idea. We used to do this at a restaurant I worked at in college, but I had forgotten this little trick.


  13. I have no idea why I haven't thought of this before?! I'm doing this starting today! Maybe my husband will remember to put the new bag in the can now when he takes the trash out! :) I hate going to throw something away and there's no bag in the can. Thanks for linking up to Manic Monday!

  14. We do something similar, except that we just store a few at a time underneath the one in use. I like your idea too. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  15. OK, smartly pants, this is really a great idea, why I never thought of before I just don't know. Next time I take the garbage out the new bags will be dropped in. thanks for making another taste so easy! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  16. I am so glad I'm not the only one who does this!! We actually started because I couldn't reach the shelf where husband had stashed them. Luckily for me, he does all the trash collecting, but I love this tip! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  17. Hi from Tennessee, Joy. Hey, I do this too. It just makes life a little bit easier.
    Im gonna go back up and become your newest follower. Enjoyed reading through your recent post. Please, please come over to and visit me too.

  18. Yep, I store mine there too. When I went away to college my mom put them there and told me to always keep the bags at the bottom of the can. I've done it ever since.

  19. The custodial staff at my school do this but I never gave thought to doing it at home! Great idea!

  20. I keep my box of bags under the sink. But I put a couple of extra bag at the bottom of the cans too. xo

  21. You are so clever. :D Thanks for the heads up hint and for sharing it on BeColorful

  22. Good idea. We are so glad that you linked up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope you'll be back next week! -The Sisters

  23. So smart!! I have put one or two in the bottom, but it really never crossed my mind to put in the whole box...not sure why;) We are your newest followers!!


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