Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can a Box be an Antique? Mommas' Homemade Gift Box

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In her later years, Momma made all 3 of her Children & her 6 Grand Children a gift by hand not because she couldn't afford to buy us something, but because she said she wanted us to have something made from her heart.  I also know she enjoyed making these things at the Senior center and I loved knowing it made her feel good.  

One gift she made each of us was 3 Wise Men with the base being a dish detergent bottle.  To present our gifts, she acquired large boxes which she covered with contact paper.  This has been about 25 years ago.  Not until this past Christmas did I stop and take a minute to just look at the box closely.  Only then did I realize that it took her hours to make our boxes.  The inside was lined with tissue paper & pieces of wood were put at the top edge to keep the tops from collapsing on the figurines. 

She later made us Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and a Snowman.  I store all in this box.  I wonder if the other 8 boxes are still being used?  I know my mother is still using her's.
This box has made it through 2 house moves.  I need to do some minor repair.

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