Thursday, February 9, 2012

Purple Pants Pt. 2- Sewing Fabrics w/ a Nap

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A post earlier showed a pair of purple pants that belonged to my friend's Mother.  She wanted me to make a pillow cover from them for her Granddaughter. 

I had enough left over to make her Granddaughter's doll a coat. 

Usually, I lay the pattern pieces anywhere & anyway to get them to fit.  I do try to watch to lay the pieces according to the grain of the fabric.

However, these pants were what I called when I was a child, velveteen.  This is one of the fabrics that have a "pile."  Think of how the fiber in a rug stands up.  The fibers in these fabrics stand up, a.k.a "pile."  

The direction the fibers lay and catch light is called "nap." 
Some other fabrics that have this nap besides velveteen are velour, corduroy, & velvet.

I like to lay my pieces in line or stacked in the order I will be sewing them. 

FYI- I didn't have a macro lens to take the last 2 shots on this post for details.  To find out how I got these shots you can go to a former post of this blog: Close-UP Without a Powerful Lens.



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