Monday, February 13, 2012

When it Snows- Why do People Run to the Grocery?

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Tonya, my teacher friend once said, "Why is it that when they start calling for snow, everyone has to run to the grocery and get milk, eggs & bread?  Are they going to make french toast?  She's got a point.  

See my recipe below. Low Sugar, High Fiber version-  Diabetic/PreDiabetic friendly 
How do you make yours?

Low Sugar, High Fiber version-  Diabetic/PreDiabetic friendly
I beat about 3 eggs with about a couple teaspoon of milk, add couple of tablespoons of cinnamon or whatever your taste desires.  Spray my skillet with cooking spray, dip my 100% whole wheat bread in egg mixture, and "fry" in the coated skillet until brown on both sides.  Top with some healthy butter and sugar free syrup and enjoy with some crispy bacon & coffee on a snowy morning.  I love how the kitchen smells.

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  1. It's true about people running to the store when snow is in the forecast! Our local forecast called for 1 to 3 inches of snow for today and everyone had to get to the grocery store. We actually only got about 1/2 inch and it was pretty much gone by noon. Oh well at least all of those people were stocked up on their groceries! The french toast sounds great!


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