Monday, August 9, 2021

Mon Memory 124~ A Book of My PBS Past


Mr. G and I took a little road trip and found a business selling some books for 1$ each.
I picked up this book thinking, "patterns."
Sure enough, when I opened the centerfold
there were patterns!
They looked to be the size of doll dresses,
so I looked no further.
However, when I got home,
I had a great memory discovery
of back in the days when I spent about 2 hours on Saturday mornings
watching our state PBS station, KET
when they broadcasted "Sewing with Nancy" and "Martha Pullen's Sewing Room"
along with "Georgia Bonesteel's Lap Quilting" and maybe Kaye Wood.
I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened to the title page and saw that 
Martha Pullen had auto graphed this book.
Great memories of this lady sharing "Heirloom" techniques 
using a sewing machine instead of hand sewing flooded my mind.

I also have a book autographed by Georgia Bonesteel I accidentally found a few years ago.
I couldn't have afforded either of these books back when they were first published,
nor been able to go to a book signing.
(Books weren't autographed then and sent out to various bookstores like today.)

Good memories of back in the day when I started learning all the tips
about sewing and quilting.



  1. I remember hearing about the Martha Pullen program and wishing we could get it here. I always thought I'd like to be able to sew like that and I remember buying one of her books (probably from a thrift store or yard sale because I couldn't have paid full price). Loaned it to someone over the years and it never returned. Probably for the best, because I know my sewing abilities don't extend to anything half that intricate.

    1. Says the lady that does amazing and fast handwork. Your pieces will definitely be heirlooms some day.


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