Monday, August 16, 2021

Mon Memory 125~ Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine


 My definitions:
 Antique-n., or adj.,  something made and used before I was a child.
Vintage- n., or adj.,  something made and used before my child was child.
Wonder what grandchildren stuff will be called?
A friend found out I was teaching a classroom of kids how to sew,
and was borrowing sewing machines.
Her Dad repaired sewing machines.
At one time he worked for Sears repairing sewing machines.
His eyes got to where he couldn't repair them.
He had collected a few machines and just couldn't bear to dump them.
He donated them to me.
This one needs to be in a museum somewhere.
I've never seen, or touched one this old.
Look at that bobbin.

The body looks and feels like cast iron.
It's not polished off like most antique machines.

Why didn't they continue to label the tension dial like this?
The stitch sample with it looked good, but I didn't have much luck.
Maybe I wasn't patient enough for it to struggle through?
This antique piece goes before my memory.
Don't have a clue what I'll end up doing with it.
Way to heavy to tote around. 


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  1. Oddly, when I first saw the shapes/angles of that machine it made me think it was very futuristic. Never seen one like it before.


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