Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tuesday Tutorial ~ Oversized Bottle Cap Pin Cushion


This past spring when I taught the sewing class at the Christian Academy, I needed a way for students to keep track of pins needed for their projects.  I decided to make them a tool they would need for the rest of their sewing life.  They came out a bit larger than I intended like the red cap.  However, I rather liked the oversized cushion.
Tuesday Tutorial
Yep, I actually have a compass in my sewing room, saved from my classroom teaching days.
Scrap paper always comes in handy.
In my younger days we used card board from cracker boxes to make patterns....now they call them templates.
However, paper works better for me.

The longest stitch on my machine is a 7.0.

Another project that can be added to the scrap book.
I like solid colors for pin cushion.
Prints challenge my eyes too much when looking for pins.
I made a different color for each of my 8 students so 
they would be able to identify their own cushion.
A glue gun would probably have worked better, but I was out of glue sticks.
So I wrapped in a heavy thread I had.
Similar to 2 strands of embroidery thread.

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  1. I rather like these! There's something about the plumpness that appeals - makes one want to give them a little squeeze (of course that wouldn't be such a smart idea if there were pins!!)


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