Friday, July 2, 2021

Fun Fri ~ Scrappy Fourth of July Yard Flag


Another one for the Scraps Book!
Dug into my scrap bag and made another yard flag for my 
neighbor that so kindly keeps my side yard mowed,
because he enjoys it!

My flag from last year had faded quite a bit.
I'm keeping it as a guide to make future flags.

Also, good thing I write a blog.
I probably use it more than anyone for reference, I'm sure.
Although, I keep a sewing journal to remind me of fabric I used,
directions and measurements,
I often go to my blog so I can refer to pictures.

So I looked back at 

Elementary School Star Yard Flag

 for measurements
and how to make the flag bar strip across the top
that slips onto the flag holder.

Had to sew some scraps together that just happened to be 2½ inches wide,
to make just one more strip I needed.
So many things out of this scrap bag
have turned out to be just enough.
I had 2 one inch pieces left.

I was rather stubborn and didn't follow my measurements exactly,
and just trimmed down as I went.
Can you see how I turned under the edges of the dark blue star pieces
and top stitched to create a piece large enough to cut a 7½ inch square?


Happy Fourth of July USA!

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  1. Yep- I use my blog as a reference journal too! Loving your flags


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