Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thoughful Thurs 175~ Temperature Quilt Science/Tech Unit

    This past winter while in Florida, when I had more time to let my mind wander and have thoughts, my dear Canadian Blogger friend at Magpie Mumblings presented the idea of a temperature quilt. It was odd this was a hexie quilt which I had been working on by hand while in Florida.

I thought this would be a great weather unit for a science/tech class!  So I wrote a unit. Yeah, call me a nerd. Once a teacher, always a teacher.  No one has used the unit, but I thought I'd post it here, and maybe someone just might be interested. 
I wrote the unit using the FREE Apache Open Office  programs explaining how to use their data sheet. This Suite of programs works very similar to Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Office should open them.


Documents to Download:
I'm thinking their just might be a Home Schooler and a Quilter that wants to use up some scraps out there that might make a connection?
Just a thought.



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  1. How cool!!!! I have toyed with making something similar only using either knit or crochet but a quilt would be fun too. Thank you for this!


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