Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday Tutorial~ Envelope Pillow Cover


A neighbor needed a couple of patio pillows recovered.  

So she bought a yard of fabric. 

I made the envelope style covers. 

Super quick. 

Took less than an hour to make both.

Tuesday Tutorial

 Cut a piece of fabric to match front of pillow plus a one half inch seam all around.
These pillows were 15 inch square.
 So cut a 15½ square which allows a quarter inch seam.
Use whatever your pillow measurement.
The two back pieces are 1/2 of width of pillow plus 3 inches or so.
You could use the length measurement if that is more appealing to design.


Double turn 1/4 inch along one edge and top stitch.
Lay the section you just top stitched right sides together on top of the square matching all the 3 sides.

Then lay the pieces with the selvage edge right side down on top of those 2 pieces matching all 3 sides.
If there isn't a piece with selvage edge, then turn edge under once and top stitch or serge or zig-zag edge to make as flat as possible edge.

Turn inside out through opening and straighten corners as much as possible.

The pillow is more pliable than the cover, so the cover can't be pulled over the pillow.  Instead, the pillow must be shoved, pushed, almost folded in half to go inside and go under the inside cover.

Almost like birthing in reverse.
I love this method because it doesn't have the added cost of a zipper,
and much faster than applying a zipper.

Enjoy your new pillows.

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  1. I love making cushion covers with this super simple method. That is great fabric too. I bet your neighbour is thrilled.


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