Friday, April 2, 2021

Fun Friday~ Faster Simple Deviled Eggs


While you're boiling those eggs to decorate for Easter, 
how many of you boil some extras to make Deviled Eggs,
 or some call them Dressed Eggs? 
 It's actually Mr. G's birthday,
 and this is one of his favorite things to eat that I make
 so he gets them on his birthday.  
  I usually mix up the yoke filling then spoon it
into a zip bag to pipe into the egg whites. 
I also suggest add an extra tablespoon of mayo for creamier filling.
 Today I had this idea.  
It sure was quicker especially when it came to CLEAN UP TIME.

Put a zip bag in a cup (container), 
then put all the filling ingredients in the bag.

Then give your hand some exercise squeezing the bag.
Cut a small piece off of a bottom corner and pipe the filling.
Then a sprinkle of paprika, of course.
Sorry green people, but I threw the bag away for quick clean up.
Maybe I'll consider cleaning zip bags when people start washing expensive coffee paper cups?
Happy Easter everyone!

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