Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday 172 ~ Something Makes You Laugh


When its one of those days when nothing seems to turn out right.......


SO you HAVE to go through redo time.......
There is something that makes you laugh........
Think about it.


  1. I was preparing a large banner for an Easter Procession through the town. I was placing the letters on a large piece of fabric, working from the top, upside down. My cousin sat on the sofa watching me and giggling. What's the matter? I said. She pointed out that I had written BATSPIT CHRUCH not BAPTIST CHURCH. Fortunately were still at the pinning stage!

    1. Thanks for sharing your laughing moment. You might have had people checking out Batspit Church? Hilarious!

  2. It happens all the time ;) I use a lot the seam ripper ;))


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