Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday Memory 121 ~ Memories of Teaching Sewing Lessons


Last week I started teaching a sewing class again.  The experience is bringing back LOTS of sweet memories of past sewing classes.

I've taught sewing at the Christian Academy of the Bluegrass before and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can't tell me that God doesn't have his hand in all this work.  I've had 2 people to donate a lot of fabric and several people are letting us use their sewing machine so that students don't have to share machines like we did the first year.

Last week was preassessment. This week we get down to the work of learning how to use the machine. 

We plan to make Fidget Quilts.  Each square will involve a different sewing skill. 

Follow along the sewing lessons on the Beginner's Sewing Lesson listed across the top of this blog. Make sure you are viewing in "web version"to be able to see the list across the top.

I hope to make more wonderful memories with this group.

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