Monday, December 23, 2019

Memory Monday 111 ~ What I was Making: Scrunchies

 Last Monday I challenged you to guess what I was making.
 Did you guess these?
I really don't know how far back we can go with this memory.
 They should be super easy to make, 
but instead they are rather fiddling for my arthritic type hands.
 I tried about 3 different techniques to find the fastest way.
 Hand stitching them closed looked a bit better.
 But I really wondered if you'd noticed machine stitching
after wrapping them a couple of times?
 I think it was 19 I made in one day.
 What did I learn from this experience of memory?
Apparently I was calling them the wrong name.
I always called them Scrungies.
All the You Tube and Internet posts call them Scrunchies!
Certainly a great way to recycle old clothing.
Just look on the internet for directions.
*Think about it.*


  1. One of those great projects that makes recycling so worthwhile! Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours.


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