Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christmas Bags 2019: Drawstring Bags

   If any of you follow my blog each year, you know that most every year I sew my own gift bags.  Here is this year's gift bag for the ladies.

Tuesday Tutorial

I look all year for the bundle of fabric I will use.
Some years it's found at yard sales.
Some times at used stores.
 It might be a roll of fabric, a bundle, a large piece of clothing, curtain or in this case this year
 it was a fitted sheet.
The flat sheet wasn't available or I could have made the men bags too.
This sheet almost had a silky feel.
I cut the fabric to fit the size of the gift.
I always try to find the quickest way.
First I ironed down 1/4 inch.
Then folded and iron creased 1 inch.
Placed both back to back (right sides together),
and started stitching from top with no worries about back stitching.
However I did back stitch when I got to the crease and cut threads.
Skip about 5/8 inch, start and back stitch and proceed to bottom.
Turn over to keep seam to the right and do same to other side.
When you reach the bottom, pivot and sew across bottom.
Press open just the area at the top
where the casing will be folding over.
Fold casing along crease line ironed in at the beginning.
Stitch along folded edge.
I made my own string (cords) from the fabric.
Thread through the opening made when stitches were skipped sewing the seam.
You can use only one string. 
I used 2 in most of mine.
Thread each one from opposite sides so you can pull the strings to close.

I try to tie the ends inside the knot.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Joy! I haven't made my own gift bags (yet!) but will keep this tutorial on file for future reference. Happy New Year!

  2. Some years I manage to sew gift bags, but not 2019. Well done on sewing yours, Joy. They look great!


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