Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Postcards 2019

        Our church is a growing small church.  Small enough that one can still give Christmas cards to most every family.  It helps when all the families have a mail box in the church building.
        I have been making the cards and envelopes. This year I had an idea that got me out of making the envelopes.  I'd like to say I saved the earth some paper.  I made POSTCARDS.
        Last year I used my embroidery machine & enjoyed the technique.  It's hard to find single stitch line designs which is what is needed for card stock. So I used my embroidery software to digitally design the Holly & Berries.  I'll try to share the PES file at the end.

Tuesday Tutorial

 I started by cutting 8.5 X 11 buff colored card stock in half.
Three pieces of painter's tape (low tack) are wrapped around the 5x4 frame.
 The hoop is laid on top of the stack of card stock.
 Tape is pressed to stick to card stock.
 The frame is then picked up and attached to the machine.
My machine had a hard time not skipping the first 6 stitches.
Most of the the time I held the thread to help it catch the bobbin.
I used my cheap spools of sewing thread & a 14 needle 
(which I've labeled "paper" like my scissors.) 
Embroidery thread would not work for me.
 The digital file stops when the green (leaves) are finished
to allow a free hand cut from scraps circle to be placed
so about 5 stitches can tack it down.
 Use tweezers or chop stick to hold berry in place.
You might find it easier to skip that step 
and just later used some zero length zig zag stitches.
I do like the green better than red thread to tack the berries.

 Release from tape and repeat.
 By folding card in half,
you'll be hiding these stitches.

Sew about a quarter inch from the edge all around the card.
I first tried the quarter inch foot,
but found I liked using the general foot better.
More surface from the general foot to hold down the card stock.

 No 2 are really alike because the little berries are free hand cut.
 Write what you like on the back of the post card.
I understand these can be mailed.
I haven't tried so I don't know the postage. 

 I made 30 & signed them in about 3 hours which felt more like an hour.

So for next year,
you might get out your embroidery machine
and give it a try?

Maybe you can tweek the first few stitches to stay.
Here is a BLF file for those with software that works with Babylock.
When the first stitches skipped,
I just let it go around again.


  1. I put a dab of bright nail varnish on my "paper" needles, so they don't get muddled with regular "fabric" ones. Christmas Blessings! X

    1. I LOVE your idea of putting a dab of nail polish on the needle! I stick mine in a piece of piece of paper labeled paper, but it the needle is marked with the varnish it can be recognized if laid on the table for a moment. I also left a note on my machine when I left to remind me it still had the "paper" needle installed.

  2. These are so pretty - understated elegance! I'm sure your church members will love them. Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful work of embroidery digitizing. Love that post card. Thanks.


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