Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Finished Seam Draw String Gift Bags

        If you've read my blog very long, you know that I make my gift bags.  I make them with the intent they will be reused. Either they will be passed on holding another gift or used has a storage bag.
        My son-in-laws & grand son are avid hunters and fishermen and hard working guys.  I'm guessing they can always used a draw string pouch to store something.  I'm also guessing if they use them very much, the bag needs to be sturdy.  I found some feed sack fabric which ravels a bit and decided the seams needed to be finished so they would wear longer.  
        Here's how I finished those seams.

Tuesday Tutorial

 First to start the bag, cut 2 pieces.
 Channels for strings need to be made with finished ends.
 You might notice, I turned one more time to press a crease for marking.

 Yes, snip now before the next step, otherwise you don't know when to stop stitching.
 Stitch along folded edge.

 HERE is how I finished the seams.
It's not a French seam like I used HERE.

 Fold both layers toward same direction and stitch along fold.
I folded with fingers as I stitched.
I didn't pin. This pin was for holding the fabric while the picture was taken.
This Double Roll seam, I call it, only needs one stitch line, whereas
the French seam takes 2 runs.
 I started at the top on each side to make sure I started evenly at the band.
Consequently each side is folded in the opposite directions.
The bottom was stitched last.
 As usual I measure very little.
I just lay the string across the top and double fold the string and add about 4 inches and cut.
I tie one end together for the bodkin to have something to hold on to.
After that double strand was thread through all around, the original knot was cut away,
then all 4 ends were knotted together & trimmed.
 When I discovered about 6 years ago how a drawstring bag was threaded,
I was so excited!  
I can't believe I lived so long before the discovery.
We are always learning.
 The knots on each end are great for holding while pulling the strings.
I wished I'd had more sturdy string than this jute.
A string of leather would have been perfect.
I'll keep my eye out for leather shoe strings now.
 I was very pleased with the bag that turned out.

 I need to make a few more,
but I'll just make them with straight seams leaving an opening for the channels.
Should be a quick stitch.. 


  1. I buy cards of shoelaces from the poundshop (dollar store I think you call them) They make excellent strong drawstrings

  2. Those are great gift bags for the guys (girls too!). I like that they're not seasonal and can be used for anything they desire. As for leather - it does stretch, particularly if it gets wet, so I think you did the right thing. The only other thing I'd maybe use would be something like bias tape.


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