Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #158 ~ Glad the Cardinal is Our State Bird

 While many of us cherish the siting of the first Red Breast Robin,
because they are a sign of spring being close, in the fall they aren't easy to notice,
because of their coloring that mixes with the gray tree branches.
 I'm cheered up by seeing a bright red Cardinal anytime of the year.
I can see why it was chosen as the Kentucky state bird.
 It lives here all year, and it's bright red contrasts with any seasonal background,
except maybe when he's in a red Maple tree in the fall?
 The mother carries more gray feathers than you see by this older male,
 because she doesn't need the extra bright colors to attract to her nest.
The guy gets to be the blinger of the couple.
I know these birds are territorial, as like my Dad,
I learn these characters and how their family behaves around my house.
Love the Cardinal family.
What's your state bird?
Do you get to enjoy and appreciate it?
Think About It!

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