Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Quick Pattern Use Tip

Tuesday Tip
 I make a lot of mug organizers with a pattern of simple rectangles.
While many folks can measure and rotary cut quickly,
I cannot.
So I took some waxed back freezer paper,
and made those rectangle patterns.
I can quickly iron on the pattern without pinning
& quickly rotary cut.
It will iron on several times.
I've lost count how many times I've used this one.


  1. Freezer paper is one of the handiest things to have in a sewing room. I love it for making patterns for cutting out felt. Just iron it onto the felt and then cut - it holds the felt in place so it doesn't distort. Great also for ironing onto good quality cotton to stabilize before running it through the computer to print images.

  2. Another option is to make templates from the plastic pocket folders. They are usually really cheap just before school starts. I trace or measure and mark with a permanent marker, then it is just like using rulers. I do have to watch pretty carefully because I have "trimmed" the edge, but they were absolutely WONDERFUL when I was making masks! I also have used the freezer paper and it is great, too.


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