Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #112 ~ Black Walnuts

 Why is it I only find English walnuts at my local grocery,
and not the Black walnuts that grow wild around here?
Black walnuts have a distinct flavor.
I have found Black Walnut flavoring which is wonderful in a milkshake.
This could have very well been a "Monday Memory,"
because I remember as a child my Dad gathering these nuts,
and laying them in a puddle hole where the daily milk truck
that came to pick up our milk
would run over the walnuts.
I also remember my daughter being worried about having to send
 my young entrepreneur grandson 
 to school with black stained hands where he had removed the
hulls of a bunch of walnut nuts he wanted to sell.
This black stains does stay for a long time on your hands.
She said he looked like someone that hadn't washed his hands for days.

These are certainly nuts that are hard to crack
unlike the thin shelled English Walnuts.
 Maybe that's the reason, they can't be bought at a store.
Another thought I have about these walnuts,
on a windy fall day, driving down the highway at 55mph,
I fear one falling off a tree and hitting my windshield!
"THINK about it."

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  1. My dad has 50 black walnut trees on his property. I'm sure he would love for you to drive up here and pick them up out of his yard. When he ordered the fruit trees for his orchard back 40 yrs ago they sent him 50 little black walnut trees FREE. He planted them on the border of his 6 acres. Now they are huge and throwing off more nuts than one man could want, and more than one man wants to pick up and shell. When my gramps was alive he would come over and get a truck load(literally), shell them and freeze them. As payment for letting him have them he would give my mom a couple bags of shelled nuts. She in return would make him a couple loves of Amish Friendship bread for his trouble. That bread was so amazing! Dad has mentioned a couple times how no one wants to "deal" with walnuts anymore. And I must admit, I'm one of those that find them more work than they are worth. Anyway I know you're not far from us and you travel close to our area from time to time, so feel free during walnut season to drop me a line and I'm sure dad would love for you to take as many walnuts as you want.


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