Monday, October 9, 2017

Memory Mon 67~ J.J. Newberry

Went for a Sunday drive through
Paris, Kentucky, USA
and found a childhood memory
J.J. Newberry's.
My childhood memories were not at this store,
but the one in Glasgow, KY.
They had THE best Mexican hamburgers,
which I didn't find out until I was a vintage adult that
Mexican Hamburger's were privy to just Glasgow!
As you can see,
this is still a working store.
Several of us had Mother's that worked in town,
so on Saturday mornings we ride in to town with them
and we'd roam the shops
then spend the afternoon at the movies.
Today, our Mother's would be arrested for letting us run the streets
at that age?
Certainly was a great memory for me though and glad I got to live in this days. 

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  1. I remember the Newberry's at Glasgow very well. That was my favourite store (followed closely by Gibson's -- remember that one?) Back when I was a kid, nothing topped Newberry's. I thought I'd meet Jesus at the fountain at Newberry's because that was as close to heaven as my little imagination could come ~ LOL!


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