Monday, October 30, 2017

Memory Mon 70~ Feed Sack Dress Memory

My local quilt shop, Birdsong, is now selling this fabric which reminds me of 
the feed sacks I made some of my first dresses.
I think my Mother let me use the fabric,
because it was basically free,
so if I messed up, nothing was lost.
A friend of mine and I, made some dresses from this fabric and
we wore them to high school.
Wish I still had those dresses.
And, imagine what they would really cost now!
Shannon at Birdsong, chose this fabric and pattern
and asked me to make this dress.
 It was an easy dress to make.
However, there are some construction techniques 
I will tweak for the next dress,
the pocket being one.

 The pattern instructed the neck be topstitched from the right side.
To me that was stitching blindly,
Since the outer seam is not seen, I chose to stitch from the inside
because when you view the neckline here,
that's the top stitch line you see.

 I also chose a different layout which didn't use as much fabric.

I used the larger armhole size so it could be worn as a jumper with a top underneath.
Yes, it has side pockets.

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