Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #23~ Ironing?

@ Amish Acres, IN
When you get ready to go to work or church in the morning,
how easy is it to fix a cup of coffee
do you have to iron what you are going to wear?
Are we so lucky today to just plug it in?

Or do you even iron anything these days?
I rarely need to press anything anymore.
I usually just take it out of the dryer & hang it.
I even have a steam cycle on my dryer to help fluff out wrinkles.
For that matter, do you hang your clothes to dry anymore?
I used to do that & I even had a dryer.
Nothing like sheets dried in the sun outdoors!  *smell*
I do wish I still had a clothesline.
Folks used to have to build a fire AND wait for the iron to heat up.
Are we that patient?
And, will the iron be clean?
You know there still are people that live without electricity these days.
Are you thinking?  Are you grateful?

*Funny story told by a friend.  Her boys were about 4 years old.  She got out the ironing board one day to iron something. The kids came into the room & got very excited.  "WHAT IS THAT!" they asked.

Think about it.

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