Monday, September 28, 2015

Stitching Sampler

          Everyone needs a stitch sampler of the stitches their machine can do no matter how many.  However, this is a luxury project because it seems other projects must be done for a reason whether it be something to wear, a gift or home decor.        
       It was 3 years ago that I broke my arm at the State Fair.  That meant a lot of doing much of nothing.  I'd read and watched series on HULU until I was sick of it.  I was really missing my sewing, but it was very painful to move my right arm which I thought I needed to be able to do to help guide the fabric in my machine.
        Finally, I thought what a better time to do a stitch sampler?  What little I needed to use my broken arm, I think the bit of exercise actually helped it.
             The machine's hand book said I had over 680 stitches on my machine. It took me about 3 days punching buttons with my left hand to finish this sampler.  Each stitch included if possible, small, large, reverse and upside down.
         As you can see, I numbered the pages with design numbers.  The first box had 249 stitches. 
               First Box means they are stitches from Box 1 on the Character Decorative Stitch Window of the machine.
                I decided not to take time to number the stitches, and it was a good thing, or it would have been a waste of time.  As I used a stitch later, I numbered it in pencil.  Notice here is #70 followed by #10!  Apparently when I used a stitch it got moved to top 10? Because when I went back to 70 next time, that wasn't the stitch for that number. 
          Here's another. I gave up on even numbering them by pencil.

           I know some folks either sew their "pages" together or use a ring binding clip.  I decided to just fold mine so later I can lay the "pages" side by side to compare stitches.

           They are stored on the shelf at my work space where I can grab them, look over them and decide what I'd like to use. I can spread out the pages if need.
            I never have gone on and made the sampler for box 2, because the stitches looked the same. Not sure why?

               I'm glad I made my sampler, because I have referred to it many times.

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  1. What a great idea! I only have 16 stitches on my machine, but I never use half of them because I can't remember what they look like. The graphic on the machine is never quite accurate. Thank you! Now I just need to find the time to make a sampler. Maybe after Christmas.

  2. Helpful advice! Pinned your article--visiting from diana

  3. Pinned. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing. Linda @Crafts a laamode


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