Monday, September 21, 2015

The Rest of the World's Longest Yard Sale: 2015

I'm sure I have you bored with my bargains I found the first weekend of August on the World's Longest Yard Sale this year.  I had promised myself not to buy more stuff unless it went in my sewing room.  I don't usually find much in that category.  However, it seemed like others had gone through what I went through last year: Losing my Mother and then the daunting task of cleaning out my parents' home of all their beloved things.  
      On this yard sale, I inherited (bought) beloved fabrics of lost Mothers.

I can tell this lady had a hard time departing, because as I bought, she pulled out more from a bag.  
Each were $2 regardless of amount.  
I chose pieces that had about 4 yards. 
 Would like to make tops out of some of these.
At another location, there was enough flannel  fabric to make at least 2 baby quilts with the batting I told you about earlier.
$4 for this stack.
 This package was also at second place.
Some real vintage stuff which included an old cut up apron.
Seeing a Christmas project here?

I've learned where a guy that sells tools and notions sets up each year, but not on Sunday.
He is a bit cheaper than stores and Amazon.
Located @ the little park next to the water tower in
Camden, Ohio 
So cheap in fact, that you can afford to buy different pairs of embroidery scissors to try them out.
I also like to have several pairs, because like reading glasses, I can put them in different places so I'll have a pair within reach.
These are to cut embroidery thread.  Easier to snip with the curved blades. 
One pair came with a cover, which would be handy for travel.
Thanks to the FREE program

 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other alterations to pictures.

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