Saturday, May 30, 2015

Salvaged Lace

     Before you get rid of clothes you've stained, ripped, out grown or it's just plain old, take one more look to see if there is anything you can salvage.  Do you know how much a jar of buttons at a yard sale costs these days?  I've even reused long zippers for pouches and purses. 
     Don't forget to take a second look at the lace. If it's easy to remove, then it could make a birthday gift just a little more special.

Thanks to the FREE programs:
possibly used for this post
GIMP for cropping & other digital effects
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating collages used on this page

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to receive a gift wrapped with that beautiful lace, Joy. My sewing room is being taken over with bits and pieces I've salvaged.


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