Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Start: Saying Thank-you

Vintage Stationary and Cards

    Another chapter in my life has come to an end.  We started April 7 cleaning out my Mother & Dad's house.  I've dreaded this job for a long time.  It was a physical challenge for this arthritic body.  Last weekend I think I carried my last load of memories home.  A big thanks to Mr. G for helping us during 3 of those weeks, and helping me carry the stuff home and then unloading it which I couldn't have done alone.
  We had an Estate yard sale the first weekend of May. I think it was a great success with a lot of people coming by to see us.
   *As a little girl, I remember Mother many times pulling out the top 2 boxes in the picture above.  She must have just refilled them all the time. Back in those days, you didn't throw anything away. We even used such a thing like a stationary box over and over.  Sometimes they became treasure boxes, or sewing boxes to hold our supplies.
     On the following Sunday, we looked through what was left over for the Salvation Army to come by and pick up the next day.
      One thing that didn't sell was a grocery bag filled with boxes of vintage occasional cards and stationary.  This is something that always catches my eye at yard sales and isn't very expensive compared to what they cost in the store.  I had these priced eventually for $5 for the whole grocery bag full, and they still didn't sell.  So I took the treasure. This is only a small sampling of that bag.
         Today I mailed the first card for my new start in my new life to a lady that came and helped us learn about the value and history of some of Mother & Daddy's treasures.

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  1. Hi Joy,
    That must have been bittersweet for you. Beautiful old vintage cards your Mother left you, glad they did not sell. You can enjoy thinking of her when you mail each one. Hope all is well. ~Diane

  2. Probably a good thing that those beautiful cards did not sell. Hugs from Australia. xxx


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