Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Comparing New Camera Lens

    Last week I broke down and replaced my broken Nikon D60 with a D5300. After a large amount of action shots with the 55-200mm Nikon lens, I was very pleased.  However, I'm so tired of always needing to swap out my 18-55 mm lens with the 55-200mm lens.  For the longest time, I've wished the 2 common mm lens could be combined. So, yesterday, I broke down again and pulled out the bucks.  I was amazed the lens would cost more than the camera!
     I shopped around online & the other big box stores, but my local specialty camera store, Murphy's Camera had the same price at their store which meant no shipping & slightly cheaper than the big box stores.  When I got to Murphy's, the gentleman showed me another brand name that was $300 less!  After trying it out on their Nikon, I was impressed.  Murphy's has been in business a very long time, so I didn't think they would be selling a sub-rated brand.  I thanked him tremendously for saving me several dollars & finding a lens that cost a bit less than my camera.
 The rose shot was only about 12 feet from me.
The dock was over 100ft from me.

I'm VERY pleased.
I no longer have to swap out lens,
& best of all, the camera bag doesn't have to tag along to carry the other lens.
Now I'm ready for my Grand Daughter's graduation.

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  1. Congratulations on the new camera and lens! The most important part of the equipment is the lens, anyway. It looks like you have a nice combination.


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