Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #86~ California Drought Continues

Folsom Lake, California  Jan,2014

     Last week I posted pictures of the California Drought for my Wordless Wednesday. Mr. G has family that lives in California.  One of the family members responded with some awesome pictures. I asked if I could share them and she approved.
    She sent the following comment with her shots:
"These are photos from Folsom Lake last month before we got a little bit of rain and it rose about 10ft. Levels got so low that you could literally walk to what used to be the middle of the lake. A town was exposed that was present prior to the dam being built. More signs of drought are tumbleweeds as far north as Modesto (only 1 hr 15 min south of Sacramento). We can almost walk across the American River across the street from our house."

      According to the severe drought area denoted by the Weather Channel, I believe the area to be as big as my entire state of Kentucky!  
       Do you get some of your food from California?  How is this going to affect YOU!

Update 3 just 3 days after this post: I posted about the 10 year California drought this week and last week on my Wordless Wednesday. You can see from the comments on each WW that some people are concerned.  Today, March 1, 2014 CBS is reporting that Glendora, CA (south of these pictures) got 5 inches of rain yesterday (2 days after this original post).  Looking at the map, a lot of CA got rain yesterday!  Of course because SO much rain is coming at one time, there is flooding because of no vegetation from drought and forest fires.  Nevertheless, is this proof that prayer can be powerful?

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  1. Unbelievable! So sad that's happening! Teresa from NanaHood

  2. It's hard to hate all our snow when looking at pics like that.

  3. Wow- now that's a drought. We had one that seemed to last a couple of years...I'm still not sure we are out of it. I hope California gets rain soon.

  4. Do wish I could ship the snow we have to you ~ great shots, though ~ praying for rain for CA ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. This is so sad, the photos are incredible too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's so sad that it has been that dry in CA. I know they are getting rain now but it's too much at once and causing lots of flooding.


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