Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scavenger Hunt 2-16-14


 Old Style

 We played the Cootie game a LOT at my grand parents.


 Couldn't make up my mind

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    1. Love your scavenger hunt shots. I just found your blog through totally tutorials. Your keychain was a featured tutorial.

    2. that green frog is pretty cute!! i didn't see him in the first picture until i scrolled back.... VERY camouflaged! i remember playing cootie too!! your quilt is great!!! it has been a long time since i have tackled one! i like both monochromatic photos... i had a green one, too, but decided to go for red-pink paper cranes!

    3. Love the camouflage photo, really had to look to see him in the first shot. The eye gave him away. I remember the Cootie game but we did not have it. My brothers had the Erector set. My favorite is of the swap; beautiful emerald green.

    4. Oh my the Camouflaged shot was awesome. I love frogs, almost missed seeing him as he was cleverly hidden.
      Great shots for Monochromatic too.
      The Old Style shots were so fun, looks like a great place to visit.
      Now Following your blog.

    5. Nice set of pictures - I would have had to have looked for a bit longer without the help of the second picture.

      Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    6. Wow, what a fine collection of objects, like a tour through yesterday! Lovely photos!

    7. You have a great set of photos. The old style group is great. I'd like to set my kitchen up that way. The frog is definitely well camouflaged!

    8. Amazing photos Joy all of them. Its always so much fun to see what has caught your cameras eye, lol. ~Diane

    9. Awesome shot of the frog! We could use some green about now. Nice selections!

    10. Just wonderful, JOY - enJOYed them all, but especially the tree frog :) Have a blessed week!


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