Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Foto #5 ~ How Do I Look?

Does this cold weather make me look fat?

Do you think it's all the seeds?

 No Dear, it's your beautiful fluffy coat of feathers keeping you warm in this -10° weather.

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  1. Great shots as always Joy, love the humor you find in everyday life. ~Diane

  2. Nice shots! The female cardinal is a beauty!

  3. Very nice shots. I've always loved the cardinals and I agree with Mr Cardinal, it's just her fluffy

  4. I love these photos and you commentary is really fun.

  5. Oh my word. -10! Yikes. I feel cold just typing out that number. Your little birds are beautiful. : )

  6. And isn't it amazing how nature's critters can survive in this very cold weather. I was noticing that when I go out to walk the dog in the subzero weather we have been having all winter, that I don't feel the cold as much any more either. I think we all adapt ... maybe that's why it seems too hot when it actually gets warm. Fun post ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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