Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt 1-12-14

The last Scavenger Hunt I did was way back on October 18, 2012!  
Sounds like forever ago, but doesn't feel like forever ago.

Happens Everyday
 All living things have to eat everyday.
Upside Down

A side trip on our Route 66 trip last October- Grand Canyon
Man Made

 Hoover Dam on the same day we went to the Grand Canyon
Looking Down

This is my winter view, at my home looking down at the creek.

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  1. Awesome choices! I love the shot of the dam. That's a very impressive structure!

  2. Upside down is adorable, and your looking down would be a perfect photo for a good story or poem to write.

  3. Welcome back. You have a great set of photos. I love the one of the Grand Canyon and the Happens Everyday.

  4. i have always wanted to go see the grand canyon. some day...

  5. These are all wonderful shots. All I can think with that longhorn is that those horns are going to be a lot harder to get out than they were putting them through.


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