Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Foto #2 ~ SSSSSHH, Be Quiet

@ my deck

This squirrel is a bully and a real character. 
He demands food and somehow manages to keep the other squirrels away.


  1. This cracks me up! Until recently we thought we had the only "bully" squirrels around, but TV commercials are beginning to share the truth, they are just tough guys and are becoming more aggressive overall! When my dh comes home from work we have 1 squirrel who actually waits for him to arrive and then when he gets out of the truck the squirrel lurches forward at him and growls like he is going to go beat him up. If you lurch back at the squirrel or stomp your foot he will not back down, he just glares at you daring you to come closer! Keep an eye on that guy! lol. ~Diane

  2. Is he choking that poor sculpture?! We have so many squirrels it drives the standard poodle nutso. One came in the screened in porch yesterday and had the nerve to get on Coles perch/bed!


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