Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #66~ Pink Lilies of Some Sort

This is my 3rd year here and the first time these have appeared here.
Either too dry, or didn't notice when I was weed eating. 

Update: A cousin told me they could be called "Naked Ladies."
After researching online a big, I did find confirmation.
They are of the Amaryllis family and yes, they are a lily.
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  1. Those lillies are gorgeous. I think - not completely sure - they may be called surprise lilies! Either way - they are beauties!

  2. What a sweet surprise for you! They're beautiful. Love your backyard, too. Like a mini sanctuary, and very inviting.

  3. Beautiful lilies! Be careful weed eating next year. :0)

  4. Beautiful! You have a great yard!


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