Friday, August 9, 2013

Finishing Off the Longest Yard Sale in the World- HWY 127- Part 4

Day 4 of 4- Bryan, OH to Addison, MI 
Sunday, August 4, 2013 

At this point, Mr. G and I decided Yard Sale-ing is the grown-up version of  "Trick or Treating," because we go up into a total stranger's yard to see if we will be tricked or get a treat.

Since it was Sunday morning, we took time out to attend church service.
No, it wasn't here.  This was actually an antique shop.
First place to stop in MI.  It was the first place we found.
Bought the most stuff here.
They had marked just about everything for 25¢.
Got a bag of free fabric here along with about 20 sewing magazines for about a $1.
We didn't find out the cost of Santa's sled.
This was the last yard sale we found on 127.
Should have bought something just for a souvenir.
   I think first the 127 Yd Sale used to end in Hudson, now the site says a few miles north of Addison.
So 3 miles north of Addison, MI we arrived around 1:30 EST at an intersection where we assume it ends.  Nothing was set up in the lot with this store and there is no sign to say it is the official end of the HWY 127 Yard Sale.  Wish there was something to indicate it.  Maybe someday they will post a picture of the landmark end of the HWY 127 Yard Sale.
   Our sense of adventured really wanted us to keep going North, but we had Monday commitments at home, and an almost 6 hour solid drive to get back home. We wanted to try to stop at some places we skipped on the way back. So, we turned around.
Signs that made us look.
The "Oops Table" worked, because we looked and we saw nothing "oops" about it.  Matter of fact, stuff was marked high, especially for a Sunday.
Got a small hammer for $1 at the other place.
Mr. G thought the "Goofy" desk was cute.
We've seen lots of glassware put together for bird baths, but this place had a lot.
Snow blower isn't something you see in KY, but MI, I'm sure not unusual.
TY made us think of a Grandson.

We made it back home to KY around 10:30 p.m. which included a stop at a restaurant to catch the beginning of preseason football.  
Will we go on another yard sale since we don't need anything else?  Who knows.  At this stage,  it's now not the bargains, or what we get.  At our age we really don't need anymore stuff, but we sure do like the adventure of following a trail and meeting the people and "Trick or Treating."
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The next post, I'll show you my treasures.
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  1. I never expected to see Santa's sleigh in a yard sale. LOL! It would be worth making the trip just to see the weird and unusual stuff.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Looks like some great stuff too. ~Diane

  3. I just looked it up, Addison Michigan is 1 hour 46 minutes away from me! Next time you come through here I will have to come meet you there! ~Diane

    1. I sure will Diane, if we decide to do that again. Meanwhile, if you hear of any other HWY Yard sales up that way, please let us know.


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