Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 was a BIG year for me.  A couple of months after I retired from teaching 30 years, I moved into my new house in the next town over after working on it for over a year.  Then I took my first retirement trip to the beach in September.  I'd always wanted to go on vacation after school started so I wouldn't have to compete with all the school kids and teachers' families out on the road.  I was surprised to find that rates didn't go down much during the 3rd week of September.  I really enjoy sitting on the creek in my backyard sometimes with my computer, magazines or newspapers or sometimes with my camera or sometimes just me.
Moved to town next door.  Sewing room upstairs.
I chose this house because this was in the backyard.  Not in the 100 yr. flood plain nor is it hard to get to.

Retired and went on my first retirement trip AFTER school started.  No big crowds.

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