Saturday, December 19, 2020

Quilt Shot 129~ Hour by Hour: Call to Action QOV Quilt


Designed by Nancy Cann
Hour Glass blocks made by different Elkhorn Creek QOV members
Yours truly sashed the blocks and added the border
Now it will go to another member for quilting
and someone, maybe me, will bind it by hand.
The "Call to Action" request was to make quilts to help other groups catch up with their nominations.
Yes, I'm VERY lucky to have a great cutting table.
Got this cutting mat back in the 80s. They truly did make them then.  
Along with the "lip edge" cutting rule which I absolutely love. You can hardly find one.


I found out I could lay my ironing board across the end of the cutting table, and it was at a much better height to iron and even slightly slanted.  Used my OLD cordless iron I got back in the 80s. It won't hold water, but I rarely steam anything these days anyway.  As I ironed the top was slid off to the table where it didn't wad up and wrinkle again.

Mr. G loves it. That's the only approval from a Veteran I need.


  1. I would have to say that's a JOYful quilt! I love the wonderful colours. Someone will really love cuddling under this.


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