Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gingerbread Man Cards ~ Including FREE Embroidery File


Here are my Christmas cards for this year.  Seems everyone is baking cookies this year. So, here is my diabetic friendly Gingerbread Man!
I created this simple single stitch line embroidery file in the .pes format.  Multiple stitch lines cause the embroidery to fall apart from the card stock. 
This is a great way to practice some floating embroidery. If you have a little one (at heart) around the house, they can decorate your practice pieces?
Please find the link below to my free embroidery file below. 

Tuesday Tutorial 
First apply painter's tape to the BACK of  complete embroidery frame. 
The tape should be place at the top and bottom to hold the card but not in the way of stitching.
Yes, leave the inside frame inside.
This is my 5x4 frame.
I always like to printout the file to see how it fits inside the frame.
Each sheet of card stock is cut into fourths.

Placement marks are put on both top and bottom tape.
Then an assembly line begins.

This single stitch embroidery file only takes about 1 minute.
For my machine I have to hold the beginning top thread to help it catch the first stitch.
Notice how the card is on the placement marks at the bottom on the blue tape.
Usually I only needed to line up the bottom and the top fit right into place.

The tape lasted for all 38 cards.

After I download some new fonts I liked from DaFont, my favorite free font place, I used my Open Office Word processing program, also a free download, and created labels to stitch onto the card.   I took a quick supper break while the papers dried from the Coffee Dying Process. The way I do coffee dying is not a long process at all.

Just added a piece of scrap fabric and some quick straight red stitching for a bit of highlighting.

This little Gingerbread man is ready for someone to decorate him.
Diabetic friendly too!
Not a single calorie!
(note there is no preview available because it's an embroidery file.)
Consider this my Christmas gift to you! 
As is my tradition,
Merry Christmas!

Update Note: In the comments below, Angela reminded me of a tip or really a rule to follow about needles which I failed to include in my post.
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  1. My top tip for stitching on card is to keep ONE MACHINE NEEDLE especially for this purpose- and I paint its shank with some nail varnish, so I know that is the one for card and never for fabric. I love your Gingerbread men!

    1. That is a great tip Angela! Just like our scissors. I do keep a special needle in a special place. Thanks for the reminder which I forgot to include.

  2. Those little gingerbreads are very cute! I can see them done in fabric too.

  3. Beautiful job.. love that little cute gingerbread. Also love the DaFont you have used above.. Thank you.


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