Saturday, September 12, 2020

Quilt Block Shot 124 ~ USPS in All 4 Corners of the World

"USPS to All 4 Corners of the World"
Designed by Joy B

 This block was designed in honor of my mail carrier daughter.
During this world wide pandemic,
she wasn't able to slow down.
I found out no one provided her with masks,
so I made some and "mailed" them to her.
 This block is made from the scraps leftover from making some of her masks.

 I'm sure there is hardly anyone who hasn't used the mail service during this time
to get something they couldn't go get at a store.
 As a result of many more people using the mailing service
 it became worse than the Christmas season.
Combine that increase with the number of carriers that either became ill or were vunerable,
she ended up working 6 days a week with long hours for months!
I'm so proud of her battling through this time,
while she also made sure her child received his online education.


  1. You would think the postal service would be generous enough to provide masks for their employees, particularly when they're working so hard to keep the mail moving. Good thing your daughter has you to make them for her.

  2. Bless your Daughter. A very tough job.


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