Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday 168~ Quilters, What is It?

 My friend gave me 2 reusuable grocery bags packed full of old sewing tools.
This is something not really that old,
but I don't think you'll find it in the sewing department or quilt shops anymore.
I had never seen one of these or ever knew about it.
I did start making quilts before rotary cutter days.
We had to draw patterns with a ruler and cut out carefully from cardboard.
So hard for me to be accurate.
I got very frustrated but knew if all my aunts could do it, 
I could too. So I trudged on.

What I NEVER could understand was why magazines
published a pattern then told YOU to add the 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Why? when there was plenty of page space for them to add that.
There were some patterns I never got made because the added seam somehow didn't work.
With rotary cutters today and patterns that automatically add seam allowance,
it's really a different world for quilt makers.
"Think about it."


  1. You can still buy quilters discs in the UK from Jaycotts [] Thisis a wonderful company, started 100 years ago and still run by the Jaycott family. I have sometimes been caught out when I have cut out a pattern and NOT added the seam allowance, and then things dont sew together as they should [and of course, come up smaller]

  2. You're right - it is a different world for quilters with a lot more tools available to make creating easier. I've never seen this particular one and wonder how well it would actually work. I would think it would slip out of place fairly easily.

  3. Looks like a handy little gadget for patterns that need the seam allowance added - although I do tend to avoid those patterns. First time I've ever seen one.


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