Friday, July 24, 2020

Fun Friday ~ Frankfort, KY Cemetery, Daniel Boone Gravesite

Military Memorial
Frankfort, KY Cemetery
 The one emblem we happened to see was Mr. G's Marine sign.

 When you get out of the car,
this is what you first see.
 Then the path down to the grave site.

The beautiful view from the grave site
includes the Kentucky Capitol building & the Annex behind it,
 and a hint of the Governor's mansion.
The incredible thing was we had been experiencing a very hot day, but 
in this one spot the breeze was spectacularly cool.
 Memorial for the Unborn.
We didn't see a way to get to it.
Don't know what was engraved on the monuments.
A farm across the river from the Capitol building.

I've posted this great short day road trip before.
Only about an hour from my house.
We also got pictures of the Capitol building and Governor's mansion as well.

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