Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday Tip: Keeping Track of Snipers

      You might have noticed from last week's tip as to where I keep my snips.
       I had tried to keep up with my snipers by putting them on a lanyard with a self rewinding connection to reach my work yet not dangle down to my knees. When wearing the snips around my neck, I kept poking myself.

Tuesday Tip

After researching online,
I found many attached scissors/snipers to their machine
via sticky hooks or velcro strips.
I didn't have a place on my machine to stick something,
and frankly didn't want to put the sticky glue on my machine,
because I might not be satisfied.
(The most sticky I use is painters tape to mark seam lines.)
Even the end of the machine didn't have a space due to all the switches and plug ins.

So one day,
I was frustrated with the snipers around my neck being in my way while
I was rewinding a bobbin.
Then I had the idea to use the 3rd spindle I never use.
I looped the lanyard over that spindle,

and found out the lanyard was just long enough 
for the snipers to lay on the machine and even
reach to the needle to snip the threads when
I didn't want to use the machine's cutter.
 (The snipers actually now lay on the throat of the machine most of the time.)
When I need to rewind a bobbin,
I simply move the lanyard out of the way.
Problem solved.
It is so second nature to reach for the snipers,
and they are not in my way.

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  1. This is brilliant! I am forever misplacing my scissors and this would be such a great way to keep them readily at hand.


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