Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thread Periscope Stand Tip

Since I do sew and quilt a lot, I buy large spools of thread. My machine comes with a periscope type thread stand.  Sometimes, but not always, I have a hard time with the thread wanting to get tangled between going up to the thread stand and down to the machine.  The thread sometimes gets crossed and tangled with itself.
All these years, I was not using my head. It was a rather simple solution.

Tuesday Tip

 One would think you pull the periscope as high as it would go,
because that's the way it's made. Right? 
Well, one day, for some reason, mine was not stretched up as high as it would go. I sat down and started sewing.
I later noticed I was not having the usual tangle problems.
Rather, I noticed the thread was not swaying but instead
 there seemed to be a bit of tension to it 
possibly because of the shorter distance? 
So now I don't raise the bar as high.
I guess everyone else already knew this?

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  1. Sometimes it is the simplest thing. I had my Singer machine for several years when I finally brought it in for some maintenance. Apparently I was using the wrong size bobbins. The correct ones are only a smidgen taller, but they fit in the bobbin holder better; less bouncing around! Previously, I thought all the singer, clear plastic bobbins were the same size. I didn't even know they came in several sizes.


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