Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Revisit: Stitch a Stocking with this Free Pattern

A visit back to 2013

Here's a free pattern I drew up and shared.
I made a bunch of stockings that year.
Someone asked for one,
then I posted it on facebook and 
then got several requests.
It was my chance to use my embroidery machine.
Super fast to make. 

Check it out 
Maybe a revisit will get a brainstorm going? 

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  1. Every member of our family has a stocking that I've made. Back when DH and I were first married I decided that we should make stockings for each other and he painstakingly (with NO sewing talent!!) cut apart a pair of his jeans and stitched them into a stocking for me. He used huge stitches with large spaces in between (gave a whole new meaning to basting!!) and ever after he couldn't put small things in it because they'd fall out between the stitching. I loved that stocking!!


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