Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #155 ~ Copying an Old Purse Pattern

After 2 moves, I've lost the old pattern for this well loved, well worn purse.
It was a pattern I acquired from my very good friend Bonnie back in high school.
I had copied it onto a newspaper sheet like we normally did when we shared patterns.
I made several of these purses mostly from old jeans.
I made a few as baby shower gifts, because
despite it's small size, it was very roomy inside
and held a diaper change,
food and toy for a short trip out of the house.
I recently had someone to mention their bag to me.
Good feeling to know they remembered something from so long ago.

For some reason I haven't been successful with coming up with the same size.

I'm sure as soon as I'm successful recreating the pattern,
I'll find the old one.
Why is it we find something after we don't need it or aren't looking for it anymore?
"THINK about it."

I filled up the last 2 weeks of days I missed
with some "Revisit" posts.


  1. Is it a messenger bag? If so, I made one a few years ago from a free tutorial. Your pattern looks great, but this might be helpful before you start cutting. Here's my link: -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. This purse does remind you of a messenger bag except the bottom corners are slightly rounded yet using a boxed corner stitch method. The flap also isn't as long and rounded as well. Thanks for your link and leading me to more ideas.

  2. Could you label each part and then take it apart and use the pieces to create a new pattern? This looks well loved and obviously is worth recreating.


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