Monday, December 11, 2017

Memory Mon 76~ Turning Corners with Sewing with Nancy

 Back in the 70s many of us were garment sewing 
when you could make clothing for roughly 1/3 the cost of store bought clothes.  
That was before fabric prices went sky high.
Nancy Zeiman in Sewing with Nancy on PBS came up with the idea of
 "wrapped corners" for collars and lapels.
 I have long since used that method a lot for any corner that needs to be turned.
 This method of turning the fabric on the previous stitch line and stitching over it,
makes great corners.

 I'm really going to miss Nancy Zeiman who seemed to be a very humble person.
 I hope somehow her friends that frequently appeared on her show,
continue with her show?


  1. That's a great tip for sure. Thank you for showing it.
    Her departure is a great loss for the sewing community.

  2. I hadn't thought of using Nancy's wrapped corners for other sewing - silly me - thanks for the nudge. It was Nancy's techniques that made me a good garment sewer - do you remember cutting the collar pattern piece in half - the first time I did this I was hesitant but what a great idea it was! I am forever grateful to her and she is a huge loss to the sewing community.

    1. Yes Kate now that you mention it I do remember that rather unusual collar technique. I have tried it, but usually forget about it. Ingenious. I hope I'm better, but more importantly, she simply motivated me to get to that sewing machine. And still does.


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