Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Flat Construction Technique for PJ Pants (Elastic Waist Pants)

    Do you like to sew up something quickly to wear? If you can make a pair of PJ pants, you can change up the type of fabric to make them casual or party wear! Use a silky type fabric with a tunic top and no one will know you used your PJ pants pattern.  
     Using the flat construction technique is the quickest way I know to make these pants. For class, I used my 18" doll size patterns to make samples for each step of the technique.  Thought I'd share them here.
     You can make a pair for anyone if you have their hip, waist and length from waist to knee, ankle, wherever measurement. 

Tuesday Tutorial 

Use a 1 pattern piece pants pattern. 
 I traced mine from a pair that fit me well.  
A 5/8 seam allowance was added.
You will also need 1 inch wide elastic marked the length of waistline plus seam allowance. 
Do not cut elastic, just mark waist measurement with pencil.

1.  Turn up, press hem and top stitch. No need to pin if you iron. WARNING:Must make sure both hems are same length or they won't match when doing the very last step. 
2.  Sew front center seam.  Most patterns call for a 5/8 inch seam.  Check yours or use the amount you added when you traced pattern.
3. Lay elastic (1 inch wide is good, not the 1/4 inch used for a doll here.) across top and double fold to lay over elastic, press.  Notice the safety pin on one end to help guide and hold end.  It is easier if you DO NOT cut elastic, but mark the length.
Tack end of elastic.
Another elastic waist application besides this channel method
can be found HERE.  You can use either a sewing machine or serger.

4.  Top stitch along edge of fold being careful not to catch the elastic.  This saves time from having to thread the elastic through the channel.  Again if you have pressed well, you won't need to use pins to hold while stitching which saves a few more minutes.  Stitching a consistent distance from the outer edge helps appearance. However, pin if you feel you need. After stitching, pull elastic through to marked length, tack down at mark inside seam and cut elastic at mark.

5.  Stitch back seam.
6.  Meet center leg seams right sides together, pinning to match the crotch seam and most importantly  matching the bottom of the hems. (Remember what had to be done in step 1?)  I like to start stitching from crotch down each way to prevent any warping of fabric.  Some would start at one hem and sew around to other hem.
7.  Turn right side out, do a final press and you're done! Go party or lay on the couch?
Where can you get the FREE doll pants patterns and other doll patterns?  Try HERE

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