Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Are You Using Your Embroidery Stabilizer Scrap Pieces?

   As a maker of quilts from watching my ancestors use scrap fabrics and old clothing to make quilts, I do not like to buy yardage to make quilts.  I'm a scrap user.
   Consequently, when I do machine embroidery, I cannot stand to throw away a large piece of stabilizer with a hole in the center. That is SO wasteful to me.
    I presented this idea back in 2012

Reusing Embroidery Tearaway Stabilizer

Thought it was time to revisit the idea for those that haven't been around my blog much as of late.

*A Tuesday Teaser*

After some of the larger pieces are trimmed, they just aren't wide enough for the frame. 
 Adding another piece to the side, allows the frame to grab onto something.
When using tearaway stabilizer, I find the zig zag stitch works best.
A single stitch tends to tear when framing.
This is something I do on my little machine, while the embroidery machine is doing its thing.
Although I have embroidered over the stitch lines and it worked ok,
I'd rather not, because of the extra thickness.
It is usually pretty easy to work around the seam lines and holes.
This idea sure has made my stabilizer go a lot further.

Another idea for using scrap stabilizer

Embroidery Stabilizer Scrap Use Tip


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